Transparency by tracing stories

Why Nyala Blue?

Technology and entrepreneurship creates a new business model that transforms society. Nyala Blue wants to create a positive impact on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships.

You get up and you drink a cup of coffee, it seems to be the most normal thing in the world. Behind that deeply rooted tradition there is a whole, often not transparent, chain.


The fragmentation contributions to confusion. Ethical consumers are confronted with various seals, labels and different sustainability claims.


For the coffee drinker it is not clear how the coffee market works. Where does their money end up and how much does the farmer ultimately paid.


It’s hard to find a coffee that matches your taste profile. Selection only on a price label isn't an indicator of your preferred flavor.

Multi-stakeholders make the difference

Our solution: Transparent coffee in 1 click

What if you could simply take your smartphone, scan a QR code on the coffee package, and trace the coffee beans back to the source: the farmer? We want to develop an open transparant platform (application).


This platform is based on blockchain technology. We choose blockchain because: it traces, reliable, neutral and transparent.


The coffee drinker scans, and gets a real-time story, checked by the Blockchain Technology, of the beans inside the bag and his chain.

Customer service

The platform will make recommendations, based on personalized filters, which coffee suites your taste profile.

billion $ estimated market value
percent is certified and / or labeled
million bags were produced (2018)


We want to start pilot projects with roasteries in Laos and Guatemala. A next step is to develop a first version of our blockchain application and the interface. That's why we're collecting money with our crowdfunding project.

With your investment, your contributing to an amazing and worldwide unique concept. Belgian investors receive 45% tax reduction. An amount of € 250 is an enormous step forward to reach our goals.

We have raised 51.000 euro with our crowfunding campaign. Thanks to you all!

Coffee is one of the most important raw materials in the world

Our team

Nathalie Versichele

Nathalie is the founder and originator of the idea. 
Kurt Callewaert

Kurt is blockchain developer and architect.

Glenn Verrijkt

Glenn is software architect.

Vera Espindola

Vera has deep experience with sustainability and coffee.

Lina Usuga

Lina advises Nyala Blue in the field of project finance and business plans.

Ellen Wouters

Ellen advises Nyala Blue on strategic and legal issues.

We're different than our competitors

  • Green partnerships

  • Trust

  • Traceability

  • Neutral

  • Trading

  • Storytelling

  • Personalized

Our vision and inspiration

We support companies that work transparently according to ethical, social, circular and economic methods by sharing their product journey with the general public.

Inspired by companies who place maximum focus on the SDGs of the United Nations, Nyala Blue was founded in 2019 to offer a simple way of making a genuine contribution together with consumers and entrepreneurs.

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Nyala Blue wants to create a positive impact on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships.


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