Beyond greenwashing

SaaS Data Platform to trace, measure, verify and communicate your sustainable data along the supply chain

Why Nyala Blue?

We are Nyala Blue, a ‘way of life’ brand.

We are convinced that everyone in the world is entitled to fair and decent paid work, in an environment focused on sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Through our technological platform we are committed to contribute to that goal.

    Consumers will continue to hunt for better value, but they will expect their values to be embedded in what they buy – whether this is around healthier food and products, sustainability, or any number of personal interests.

    Deloitte's 'Engaging the 2020 consumer' report


In today's economy measuring, verifying, and reporting the impact of your business will drive your company valuation and reputation.

Nyala Blue offers you a data platform to trace, measure, validate and benchmark the impact of the product journey throughout the complete supply chain. We translate the data into meaningful impact metrics and storytelling to use in your B2B market or to launch communication initiatives to clearly articulate the impact you make in the ecosystem. This results in an increased trust and engagement with all your stakeholders.

We are here to work with brands, manufacturers, cooperatives, farmers and non-profit organizations. 


Fully trace and manage your supply chain and visualize the product journey from A to Z, including circularity.


Trace and validate the impact your organization is creating (e.g. less CO2-emissions, circularity, fair wages, …) throughout the entire supply chain.


Increase your customers’ engagement and trust by telling them the full story of your product and the people, communities and companies behind it.

Nyala Blue is an impact traceability platform powered by blockchain.
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Nyala Blue is an impact traceability platform powered by blockchain.


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