Your challenges

What are your challenges?

As a sustainable brand and company, you have to consider some challenges. And that's where Nyala Blue can help you with.

Fair Pay

Often a production process is a long chain of successive links. Fair pay is about ensuring that everyone in that chain has received a fair share of the final yield. Nyala Blue can help prove and communicate, without the customer therefore seeing a detailed cost report.

Water Footprint

How much water is needed from start to finish to make your product? Nyala Blue can help your company track that amount. Once mapped in detail, you will see clearer opportunities where water can still be saved.


Circularity means trying to keep the raw materials of your product in the production cycle for as long as possible, by ensuring that these materials can be reused all the time. Again, Nyala Blue can be a handy tool to record this so that you can also communicate about it in a validated way.

Carbon Footprint

Supply chain footprinting is crucial to climate risk awareness and mitigation. Measuring your emissions lets you identify carbon hotspots and understand how risk and regulation will affect you. By pinpointing opportunities, you can improve purchasing strategies and collaborate with suppliers to ensure resilience. Emissions reductions can also lead to significant efficiency and cost reduction benefits. Nyala Blue provides a solution for tracking, verifying and communicating your product carbon footprint in the supply chain.


Biological diversity is a degree of the variety of life forms in an ecosystem and is often used as an indicator of its health. In other words, biodiversity is closely related to — indeed dependent upon —climate. This is often cast in certificates and is not easy to prove. Here, too, you have a good partner in Nyala Blue.

Gender Equality

Gender equality seems particularly logical, but is not yet so everywhere in the world. However, it is very broad; for instance, gender equality also contributes to women's economic empowerment. With these resources, they can in turn improve the living conditions of their families and there will also be more opportunities to participate in decision-making bodies in their communities.
Something that undoubtedly concerns your customers too, and thanks to Nyala Blue, you can communicate with them about this in a validated way.

Nyala Blue is an impact traceability platform powered by blockchain.
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Nyala Blue is an impact traceability platform powered by blockchain.


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