What is our solution?

Track your supply chain

Nyala Blue offers an integrated platform to track the different steps in your supply chains. By connecting the different partners – producers, exporters, transport companies and importers – you collect ESG data from every step in the chain. 

All data is immutably stored on blockchain, and linked to individual batches and shipments, building a unified audit trail for every product you bring to the market.

Reporting & compliance

The collected data is used to automatically generate ESG reporting for your supply chain. Get live insights into every batch’s CO2 emission. Reports are available for in PDF format and in raw MS Excel format for further processing using your existing BI environment.

Our reporting templates comply with upcoming EU ESG regulation. 

Tell your story

On top of that, we use the collected data to tell your brand story to your customers. By translating the data into tangible stories using accessible video formats, your ESG data becomes a strong marketing message. We call it “validated marketing”.

How are we doing that?

Validation & Verification

Nyala Blue helps you to set up the data-gathering process. We work with your suppliers and supply chain partners to set up a system to systematically collect and register the ESG data you need. By providing a user-friendly interface and optional system-to-system integrations, we limit the additional effort needed for your partners to provide the data.

The data you get, if only as good as the quality of the input. Therefor Nyala Blue provides additional verification steps on the data submitted by your partners to consistently provide high quality data. 


We continuously support your partners when using the Nyala Blue platform. We help them to get on board of the platform and integrate with the existing data they might already have available for you. Where needed we provide training and support to guarantee a continuous flow of high-quality data with each batch or shipment. 

Nyala Blue is an impact traceability platform powered by blockchain.
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Nyala Blue is an impact traceability platform powered by blockchain.


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